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CS-Cart blog is launched!

We are glad to present the official CS-Cart blog. It has long been planned as a dynamic source of information allowing to keep you up to date on CS-Cart along with the latest events and trends in ecommerce sphere. And now it is finally possible for us to share our news along with tips and tricks on a regular basis.

“From our experience, interests of store owners are never focused solely on technical side of a particular online business solution,” says Alex Vinokurov, Chief Visionary Officer at CS-Cart. “People involved in ecommerce also seek advice in online marketing, customer relations, search engine optimization and many other related subjects. That is why we have decided to try sharing what we know and help people (especially novices) in finding the right direction, as well as showing practical use cases of CS-Cart not always fitting into a more strict format of a software manual or a knowledge base.”

In addition, the CS-Cart blog provides customers with a new way to get in touch with us and with each other by leaving comments for blog posts.

Please, stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS feed. You will hear from us again very soon at CS-Cart blog!

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