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CS-Cart as a tool for selling digital goods

Ecommerce is not just a projection of a brick-and-mortar market into the World Wide Web. It provides sellers with the ability to offer new types of products not usually sold in “physical” world. Digital goods are usually sold as files, and their categories vary from ebooks and software distributives to audio and video.

CS-Cart is completely ready for selling such kind of goods and has all the necessary tools to automate the process. Any product can be market as downloadable and associated with the corresponding files stored in a secure area. As soon as the order is placed and the payment is completed, a customer receives a special download link which can be followed to get the resource he ordered. It’s also possible to define a period during which a download link will be active.

File addition for a downloadable product

By they way, we are sometimes asked if it’s possible to generate license keys for egoods automatically. CS-Cart does not provide such functionality out of the box, and the reason is that these generators are very different for each product. However, if you have such an algorithm, it can be easily integrated as an extra functionality.

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