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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.3.2 Released


We’re introducing a minor release—CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.3.2.

Since version 4.3.2 is a maintenance release, it’s composed mostly of bug fixes. Besides fixes, this new version has one functionality change—showing product filters on the home page.

Earlier versions had this feature, but we removed it in 4.3.1 because filters on the home page slowed down the store. At our clients’ requests, we’re bringing filters back to the home page. We have reworked these filters and now they don’t slow down the storefront.

    To add filters to the home page, create a special filters block:

  1. Go to Design → Layouts → Homepage and add a block:
  2. Switch to the Create New Block tab and create the Product filters for home page block:
  3. Name the block on the General tab, switch to the Content tab, and add filters manually:
  4. Select filters, click Add filters and close:
  5. Click Create:


License owners with active upgrade subscriptions will see the upgrade available in their Upgrade centers within a week.

If you have an upgrade subscription, you can download your own installation package from the File Area of your Help Desk account.

We greatly appreciate any feedback! Please share your ideas about CS-Cart improvements on our UserVoice.

If you find issues, report them to our bug tracker.

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