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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 Released, CS-Cart Facebook App Is Coming


We are delighted to kick off 2014 with an exciting announcement: the major release of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 with several important improvements and additions.

Let’s see what improvements and new features are introduced.

CS-Cart 4.1.1

According to our roadmap, this version is an important milestone in the CS-Cart software evolution, a basis for future development and the community-driven Marketplace. This is why we’ve focused strongly on stability and features that will be necessary in the long run.

UPDATE: We’ve just released minor version 4.1.2 with three important improvements: 4.0.x theme compatibility, XSS vulnerability fix, and Google Chrome compatibility issue fix. The upgrade to 4.1.2 will ship shortly after 4.1.1.

Still, version 4.1.1 has some cool new features to show, apart from improvements and fixes:

  • Add-ons and themes can be installed from stand-alone archives
  • Order placement page has been improved (no more “Placing order…” blank page)
  • Graphic banners can now be language-specific, so you can show different banners for different storefront languages
  • eBay product sync add-on is available for purchase
  • 5 brand new storefront styles:

CS-Cart 4.1.1: New Storefront Styles

See the full changelog on our site.


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.0.x stores can be upgraded right from the Upgrade center in the admin panel. Also, an installation distribution package can be downloaded from the File Area of your Help Desk account.

Please note that to avoid server overload, we will be limiting the number of upgrade package downloads within the first few days. All CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor storeowners should have their upgrades available in the Upgrade Center within several days.

Important: It was announced earlier that five add-ons (Affiliate, Gift Registry, Product Configurator, Recurring Billing, and Statistics) were going to be removed during 4.1.1 upgrade. Instead, we decided to preserve these add-ons during upgrade and just make them Disabled.

Note that these add-ons are not included in the default 4.1.1 distribution packages downloaded from the Help Desk. From 4.1.1 on, they are considered deprecated, and no technical assistance will be offered in their regard.

In addition, all these add-ons have been published under an open source license on GitHub; feel free to fork and take over their development!

Bonus-Track: CS-Cart Facebook App is Coming Soon

Among the new styles in CS-Cart 4.1.1 is the one called Facebook. It has been designed especially for the upcoming CS-Cart Facebook app. It will allow you to embed a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor store right into a Facebook page with a simple copy-paste.

The official release and pricing announcement are soon arrive, so stay tuned!

CS-Cart Facebook App

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