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CS-Cart 4.18.2 Out Now with Dark Theme and Enhanced GDPR Compliance

We are excited to announce the release of CS-Cart 4.18.2! This update introduces admin and vendor panel improvements as well as compliance with new Google Consent mode. 

This post focuses on the primary enhancements. For a detailed list of all changes, see the changelog.

As always, we’re rolling out the update gradually, so it may not immediately appear in your Upgrade Center. If you don’t see the update yet, please check back later.

Enhancements to Admin and Vendor Panels

Dark Theme for Admins and Vendors

Both the admin and vendor panels now support a dark theme, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain, especially in low-light conditions.

Users can switch between light and dark themes or opt for the system theme, which aligns with their device’s settings. It offers a more customizable and comfortable viewing experience which is crucial for users spending significant time on their panels.

How to turn on the dark theme: Admins and vendors enable the dark theme in their profiles or the upper right menu.

Dark theme for admins and vendors in CS-Cart

Customizable Logo in the Vendor Panel

Marketplace admins can now enhance the branding of their marketplace by uploading custom logos to the vendor panels.

Previously, all vendor panels displayed the default CS-Cart logo, which did not reflect the individual branding of the marketplace. With this new feature, admins can replace the CS-Cart logo with the marketplace’s own brand logo, ensuring visual consistency and strengthening brand identity across the platform.

The update also allows administrators to add a different logo for the dark theme, making sure it looks clear and consistent in any light. This feature is important for keeping a unified brand look across all vendor panels.

How to upload a logo: Go to Add-ons → Downloaded add-ons → Vendor panel configurator → Settings → Vendor panel style. Recommended logo aspect ratio from 3.5:1 up to 6.1:1.

Uploading a vendor panel logo in the Vendor Panel Configurator add-on

Admin Panel Enhanced for Mobile

The admin panel now better adjusts action buttons and menus to fit your screen size, making everything easy to use and look neat across all devices. For example, if you have too many action buttons on the screen, they are now hidden under the … button to save space.

This is helpful for admins who need to manage things while they’re moving around, letting them handle their tasks smoothly from anywhere.

Improved mobile friendliness of the admin panel: 4.18.1 vs 4.18.2

Admin Panel Loading Faster

We’ve implemented lazy loading for the Growth Center and Notifications, making the admin panel pages load 1.5 times faster. This makes backend operations quicker and more efficient, cutting down on wait times and improving the experience for store admins and managers. This is especially important for businesses that rely on speed and efficiency.

Enhanced GDPR Compliance for Google Consent Mode

To meet Google’s new rules, we’ve added Consent Mode v2 to our GDPR Compliance add-on. Starting March 2024, Google requires all businesses using Google Ads to use Consent Mode. If businesses don’t comply, Google will block personalized ads and conversion tracking.

Our update lets businesses comply with these requirements. This helps keep your marketing and analytics effective in Europe.

How to enable Google Consent: Navigate to Downloaded add-ons and activate the GDPR Compliance add-on. There is no need for further setup. Customers will now see Google Analytics and Google Ads cookies listed in the consent popup for cookies.

Updated Google Consent

We’re releasing the update in stages. All CS-Cart customers with active subscriptions will soon have access. Keep an eye on your Upgrade Center for availability. Multi-Vendor No-Code users don’t need to upgrade manually—we’ll handle it for you.

If your upgrade subscription has expired, reactivate it to take advantage of all the new features

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