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CS-Cart 3 RC Released

G’day everybody! And the topic does not lie — the 3rd version of CS-Cart has reached the release candidate stage! Which means that the final release is on its way pretty soon.

The release candidate includes all the features that will be present in the final version:

Also, CS-Cart 3 RC is already available in Ultimate edition with multi-store functionality. Basically this is the final version, the work to be done further is mostly bug fixing and flaw polishing.


The RC download links are available in this thread on our forum. You should be registered and logged in to be able to access this page and download the installation package. There will be several RC updates in the future, which all will be available for download in the same thread. Keep up with the news in our Twitter and Facebook to know when the latest RC update is on.

CS-Cart 3 Ultimate Edition configuring is explained in detail in the configuration guide.

Please, remember that this is not the final release and the RC is not supposed to be installed on live stores.


The release candidate may contain bugs. We do our best to find and fix them all, but the bug reports from the users are priceless: they usually reveal some things we couldn’t’ve even thought about.

The best place to post any bug reports is our special bug tracker. Use your regular forum login data to sign in.

We are happy to get any feedback in Twitter and Facebook too, as well as on our forum.

Good luck trying the new release! Let’s make CS-Cart a better tool together.

UPD: When the final release is out, we will introduce a special script to migrate database from CS-Cart 3 RC RC to the final version.
So you can start filling up the database in the RC — you will be able to transfer it to the final version when it’s released.

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