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CS-Cart 3.0.4 Released


Today we have released a new CS-Cart minor version. CS-Cart 3.0.4 is a maintenance release that includes mainly bug fixes and optimizations for the existing CS-Cart functionality. The most noticeable changes include the reinstated ability to store credit card information, the updated GeoIP database, and the latest add-ons for the Twigmo and Searchanise services.

The full changelog can be found on our website.


As usual, an existing CS-Cart 3.0.x installation can be upgraded to version 3.0.4 via the Upgrade Center in the CS-Cart admin panel. We limit the number of upgrade package downloads within the first few days, so if you do not see the upgrade available in your CS-Cart admin panel, please wait. The upgrade will be available for all CS-Cart owners until the end of this week.

Also, all valid license owners can download a 3.0.4 distribution package from the File Area page in their Help Desk accounts.

Russian Build
The release of CS-Cart 3.0.4 Russian Build, with several exclusive new features, is expected on November 14, 2012. It will be available for download and upgrade just like the regular international CS-Cart build.
UPD: CS-Cart 3.0.4 Russian Build has been released on November 14, 2012 as scheduled. See the changelog for the Russian build on our website. It is available in Professional, Ultimate, and Multi-Vendor editions.

The upgrades should be available for all existing CS-Cart installations during the following week.

CS-Cart would not be what it is today without the assistance of our clients. Help us improve CS-Cart by reporting bugs and joining the feature discussions on our forum.

The new release is discussed in the thread on our Community Forums.

In case you need any technical assistance installing, upgrading, or running your CS-Cart store, contact our support team via the Customer Help Desk.

Stay tuned to the latest CS-Cart news on Twitter and Facebook.

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