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CS-Cart 3.0.3


CS-Cart 3.0.3

Today we introduce to you another regular minor version — CS-Cart 3.0.3.

It’s been about a month since the last CS-Cart minor release, and the time was well-spent on collecting the feedback and intensive bug fixing. All the fixes and improvements are included in this version.

In this release the Store Import add-on add-on functionality has been extended: it is now possible to import a CS-Cart Community 2.2.4-2.2.5 database as a separate storefront in CS-Cart Ultimate 3.0.3. Import of CS-Cart Professional 3.0.3 databases to Ultimate 3.0.3 is also supported.

You can find more information about this and the other changes in CS-Cart editions in this blog post.

Community Edition Discontinued

Starting from this version Community edition is unavailable for download anymore. New CS-Cart Community licenses are no longer issued either.

This is the 1st step of our big plan to simplify CS-Cart product line and make choosing and purchasing CS-Cart licenses easier.

Later we will announce the opportunity to use CS-Cart Ultimate edition on a free basis, as a replacement for CS-Cart Community.

Russian Build

CS-Cart Russian Build has also been upgraded and received some new features (note that some of the sites listed below are available in Russian only):

You are welcome to ask any questions about the new release right here in the comments. Also, we are always open for contact via Twitter and Facebook.