CS-Cart releases

CS-Cart 2.0.15 released

CS-Cart 2.0.15 is mainly a bug fix release that introduces no new functionality, but only fixes the instable features of the previous CS-Cart versions. The most significant fixes and improvements include:

  • Improved import/export procedures
  • Ability to clear the cache from the Administration panel only. This improves the security of your store as an additional protection from DDoS attacks.
  • Separate storage of product info for the products that are in the catalog and for the products that have been ordered by your customers. In previous CS-Cart versions, some of the product info in customer orders was taken directly from the product catalog, and if the store administrator changed the details of a product in the catalog, these changes also affected the customer orders. After we have placed the product info in the customer orders to a separate table in the store database, this is no longer the issue, and the store administrator can even remove a product from the catalog without changing the details of customer orders.
  • Support for Paypal Express Checkout authentication by API signature. This makes the process of configuring PayPal Express Checkout in the CS-Cart Administration panel much easier.

And we also had to get rid of the phone number validation because different countries use different phone number formats, and the validation appeared to be too restrictive for many of our customers. For a complete list of changes, improvements and fixes, please refer to the changelog.