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CS-Cart 2.0.11 is released

The final release of the departing year comes with several extra features, most important of which are order shipments, the new “Buy together” add-on, enhanced features for SEO-friendly URLs and Moneybookers payment system integration.

Order shipments provide a more flexible approach to the product delivery. All products contained in an order can now be split into several shipments, and the delivery method and tracking number for each shipment can be defined separately. You can see which (and how many) items have already been sent to the customer. It is also possible to notify the customer about the shipment by email.

New shipment addition

The “Buy together” add-on allows to create combinations of products and apply discounts to such combinations. If the specified products are bought together, customers are provided with a discount. Such combinations and possible discounts are displayed in a special tab on the product details page in the storefront, so customers can easily decide whether to take advantage of the given opportunity.

"Buy together" tab

Speaking of SEO, we have introduced some new features for the URL management. A multilanguage support was added for translatable items, meaning there is now a separate URL for each item (for example, product or category) in this or that language. SEO names were also added to the news, and the categories URL format has been enhanced with an extra SEO type.

We are also glad to introduce the integration with the Moneybookers payment system. Nowadays it has become very popular and now CS-Cart-based store owners are able to use it out of the box.

CS-Cart 2.0.11 also includes other minor enhancements and bugfixes. Please, refer to the changelog to find out the complete list of changes and improvements.

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