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Cross-Selling Tools in CS-Cart: ‘Customers Also Bought’ Suggestions


One of the ways to boost your online sales is to use cross-selling techniques. Today, we’ll tell you about one of the CS-Cart cross-selling tools—the Customers Also Bought add-on.

Use the Customers Also Bought add-on to show what products people usually buy with a particular item.

The “customers also bought” suggestions brought 35 percent of the annual profit to Amazon in 2006. Even though the results are not so dramatic today, Amazon, Ebay, and Best Buy have been successfully using product suggestions for years. This feature has become a must-have for a proper online store.

In CS-Cart, customers see product suggestions right on the product’s details pages. If products are purchased together with the given one often enough, they end up in its “customers also bought” block.

For example, the PlayStation 4 standard accessory set includes only one controller and a mono headset. To get the best experience from PS4, customers often buy the console, an additional controller, and a PlayStation 4 camera. CS-Cart remembers their choices and offers them to future customers:

Read the detailed instructions on setting up the Customers Also Bought add-on in our Knowledge Base.

Feel free to share your experience of using cross-selling add-ons in your stores. We are always happy to know what you think about our products!

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