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Community Council of Entrepreneurs of the Votkinsk City Starts a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Support Local Small Entrepreneurs

Since April, we’ve been helping non-profit and governmental organizations and unions create online marketplaces for free. In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, online marketplaces have become a lifesaver for many small businesses.

This time, we’ve issued a free CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license to the Community Council of Entrepreneurs of the Votkinsk city, which is situated in the Udmurt Republic. They are building a city online mall to give local businessmen an opportunity to sell online and survive.

Alexey Popov, the representative of the Council:

The pandemic has influenced the global entrepreneurship badly. And our city is not an exception. Because of the lockdown, many businessmen had to close their brick and mortar stores. Many of them were not ready for this and eCommerce has become their last hope. Because of different reasons, these entrepreneurs can’t create their own online shops. Selling on the country’s biggest online marketplaces is beyond the purpose for Votkinsk.

Our nonprofit organization represents the interests of the entrepreneurs of Votkinsk. Most of them work in the B2C segment. So, we are going to create a local online marketplace, where Vonkinsk citizens can buy everything they need in one place—from food to toys. The city’s administration supported the project.

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