CMS features of CS-Cart

Modern online stores cannot be imagined without supplementary product information. In addition to catalog, shopping cart and checkout features, store owners are willing to publish attractive content or even engage visitors in communication.

There was a time when the only way to work with the content for ecommerce sites was to write custom add-ons or integrate web stores with existing content management systems (where most of advanced features were not even necessary). However, now everything is different. Being a modern ecommerce solution, CS-Cart also offers CMS functionality which is easy to use and, at the same time, flexible enough for online store content publishing.

CMS features of CS-Cart - CS-Cart Blog

All information is stored within the pages shown in the corresponding section of the storefront. Pages are arranged in a hierarchy, so you can define a parent for each item and logically organize your content.

CS-Cart provides store owners with four pre-defined page types: text pages, forms, polls and links.

Using text pages, you can post various text and graphic information such as company details, policies, articles etc., while links provide the ability to point to some external websites or documents.

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CMS features of CS-Cart

As for forms and polls, they obviously provide a way to interact with your customers, gather their opinions and encourage them to contact and leave feedback. Each of these item types is entirely configurable, meaning you can control everything: from form fields set to possible poll answers. All types of options are described in detail in the CS-Cart manual.

Each content item is also fully customizable in terms of SEO, and you can define all key parameters in order to attract customers from search engines.

As you can see, CS-Cart is ecommerce software which is capable not only of product management, it also comes with all must-have CMS features allowing you to share information with your clients without unnecessary extra efforts!

2 thoughts on “CMS features of CS-Cart

  • August 22, 2009 at 03:45

    Hello. We are currently reviewing CS-Cart and we like many of the features, however the slowness of this product and the CMS functionality are two areas we are really struggling with. In the past, we have used Viart Shopping Cart. While, we really liked Viart, CS-Cart seems to have a few more features that are great for e-commerce. However, Viart offered a GREAT CMS to go along with the shopping cart. This allowed us to have our clients include Press pages, Articles, Photo Galleries, etc. We could also create custom “blocks” of content and place them on any page we wanted. This really allowed for sooo much flexibility (which clients love!). And, Viart seemed much faster.
    Of course, Viart had its own set of issues — which is why we went looking for other options :-). Anyway, we are still evaluating CS-Cart, but wanted to provide our feedback.

  • August 25, 2009 at 09:43

    Mona, thank you for your feedback! You may be interested to try CS-Cart 2.0.7 which has been released just recently. The performance has been significantly optimized, and now the cart became much faster. In a short time, we will describe the optimization process in our blog.

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