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Celebrating Our Customers’ Success


In 2018, we got a bit closer to our dear customers—had some cool interviews, discussed the future of online marketplaces, and shared insights.

There are hundreds of successful eCommerce marketplaces built with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor worldwide and we just couldn’t miss out on wishing them to prosper and soar to new heights!

Some of our customers, marketplace owners, achieved exceptional results with their marketplace projects in 2017-2018. To celebrate their success, we prepared handmade souvenirs for them, with a Russian touch :-) These are exclusive hand-painted Matryoshka dolls. Each Matryoshka represents the connection of the CS-Cart brand with a particular marketplace brand.

We sent the souvenirs to Morocco, Poland, Egypt, UAE, Germany, and Indonesia. Recently, Matryoshkas have reached their destinations:

Our customers’ success stories will soon appear on our website, so we recommend to check them out once they’re published.