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Built-in webmail client

Online store administration involves large volumes of email correspondence related to order processing, customer support or communication with partners. That is why the email exchange can be considered as the integral part of online store maintenance.

In order to simplify the email messaging process, we have introduced a built-in webmail client in CS-Cart 2.0. This module allows store administrators to read and compose emails right from the browser, moreover – via the online store’s administration area.

Webmail login screen

It does not matter which email service provider you work with, since any mailbox can be used together with webmail. All you have to do is configure the client by entering access credentials and mail server information. That’s it – after this has been done, you can access your mailbox, read mail, compose and sort messages.

Webmail interface window (click to enlarge)

CS-Cart’s webmail is based on a powerful MailBee webmail application providing a convenient, AJAX-based interface slightly similar to GMail. In addition to reading (via either POP3 or IMAP protocol) and composing emails in both plain-text and HTML mode, you are provided with various extended functions, including the ability to use email attachments, sort messages by folders, use calendar and address book and perform import/export of contacts.

This means that you may use CS-Cart’s webmail not only as an email client, but also as a simple organizer and contact manager.

Please, refer to the user manual in order to find out step-by-step instructions on Webmail usage and configuration.

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