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Blog Add-on: Make a Blog Inside Your Store

Hi everybody,

Meet the new CS-Cart 4.3.1 add-on—the Blog add-on.

Use this add-on to create a fully functional blog inside your store. In your blog, you can publish news, special offers, and announcements.

By reading the blog, your customers stay informed about store events.

Blog Layout Page

On the Design → Layouts page in the admin panel, you will find the Blog layout page.

The layout page is filled with blocks. Blocks keep the content that customers see on the storefront. Use the blocks on this layout page to arrange the blog content:

A post comprises a title, date of addition, author’s name, and the main text with illustrations.

You can add a list of blog posts to any storefront page. For example, add the list to your store’s homepage to let your customers open a post directly from the homepage:

To add a list of posts to a storefront page, use the Recent posts block. We have prepared detailed instructions on adding a blog.

How to Manage Your Blog

Go to the Website > Blog page in the admin panel to add, edit, and remove blog posts:

Сlick the “+” button to create a post. On the New blog post page, enter the title and the text of your post. Switch to the Add-ons tab to upload images. Сlick the Сreate and close button to publish your post:

Refer to our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions on creating a blog.

We’ll be happy to hear your opinion about this new add-on. Do you find it useful? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Help us improve this add-on—share your ideas on our forum.

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