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Banner advertisement in CS-Cart

Both graphic and text banners are commonly used in online marketing for various purposes: promotion of key website areas, highlighting of special offers, paid or affiliate links to external resources etc.

CS-Cart has a built-in banner management system allowing to work with both banner types and display them randomly within the storefront interface. For each banner, you may define URLs they lead to, so it’s possible to link them to any location, be it some sections of your online store, third-party websites or products from your partners.

Banner addition form
Banner addition form

Store administrators are also provided with comprehensive statistics. For each banner, it is possible to see the number of impressions and clicks along with the conversion rate for a defined period of time, including details from hourly to monthly levels.

While not being too complex, CS-Cart’s banner management allows to perform all basic operations for banner rotation with ease. More advanced banner management system is used in affiliate module, about which we will tell you as well.