A Non-Profit Ticket Website in Morocco Will Work on CS-Cart


Within our offer for nonprofits, we partnered with an association of peacemakers in Morocco to build an online shop for electronic tickets. This will be a non-profit project—all the revenue will go to families in Morocco that suffered from the COVID-19 consequences.

The association was founded in 2013 and since then, it has been supporting the locals: raising funds to support the most lower-income families and offering educational opportunities in rural areas of Morocco. They arrange seminars, help to equip schools and libraries, help with clothes and food, and more.

The president of the organization, Ayoub Ouahbi: We are actually collecting some funds for families who suffer the most from the COVID-19 consequences. The idea is to install a standalone shop and sell some virtual tickets on it. All the benefits will go to needy families in Morocco. I tried many free solutions like Prestashop, OpenCart, and others, but I’m not satisfied at all with them. Fortunately, CS-Cart has met my expectations.

Keep it up, guys! You’re doing the right things!