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A New Platform for Local Nonprofit Cooperation and Social Entrepreneurs will be Built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

A multidisciplinary resource center Kaykino located in the Leningrad Region of Russia is going to start an online platform for supporting social entrepreneurs and local nonprofits and informing them about the needs of certain social groups. The project will be built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor—we gave them the license for free within our offer for nonprofits.

Olga Gracheva, CEO at the Kaykino resource center:

We are a multidisciplinary sociocultural resource center located in the Volosovsky district of the Leningrad Region in Russia. This is a small agricultural district with no big and medium-sized businesses. Small businesses and farms only. Our goal is to bring activity to our district by showing the growth opportunities, to initiate projects, to bring experts so that they could teach local social entrepreneurs, and to develop the nonprofit sector. Nine years ago, we were the only non-profit organization here, and now there are 10.

We have a small team of volunteers and we love technologies. We thought that a marketplace could become a great tool to help us build relationships among nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, promote and support social entrepreneurship, and inform our members about the needs of certain social groups. And at the same time, the platform could become a source of income for its members and the place for fundraising.

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