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A Marketplace will be Launched on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor in Nagpur to Help Local Businesses

We partnered with a non-profit association VMA in Nagpur that helps local businesses, professional, educational, and financial organizations. During the pandemic, the association will help local businesses go online. To make it happen, we provided VMA with a free CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license so that they could build an online marketplace for businesses.

VMA is an action-based management learning organization. It was founded 15 years ago and now it counts over 300 members. The association conducts seminars, workshops, and training programs for entrepreneurs including outbound programs, Panel Discussions, Adventure Camps, Public Event, etc. They organized over 50 workshops and 700 learning sessions.

Mahendra Giridhar, secretary of Vidarbha Management Association in Nagpur:We are a 15 years old non-profit management learning organization for businesses in the Nagpur city. Due to COVID-19, all our members’ businesses are struggling with pandemic consequences. And we found that online business support for members will be helpful. We came across the article from CS-Cart that said the company helps associations. We will be grateful to CS-Cart for any support in this struggling time.

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