A Governmental Organization NAFARI of India will Launch a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Get Rural Business Online

National Agriculture and Food Analysis and Research Institute of India (NAFARI) received a free license for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to build a marketplace for farmers. Because of the COVID-19 situation, farmers lost their source of income. NAFARI wants to move the farmers’ businesses online with the help of a marketplace. We supported the organization within our offer for nonprofits.

NAFARI was established in 2002. It provides services to the food industry and its supply chain including food analysis, training and education, and consultancy services related to product and process development. These services are provided not only to the region near Pune but are also made available across India and also to NAFARI clients from overseas.

NAFARI has established a rich network with various universities and colleges, organizations, industry, the supply chain of raw materials, processed materials, machinery and other auxiliary needs of the food processing industries and the clients have been receiving these services with a high level of satisfaction.