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7 Tips to Write an Attractive Press Release and Boost Your Media Coverage

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The press release is one of the long-standing marketing tools that businesses use to get the attention of both media and potential customers. There are many reasons why a company will publish a press release—to announce a new product/service, to celebrate an award or welcome a new manager. Regardless of its purpose, the press release needs to be well-written in order to achieve its goals.

There are certain factors that need to be included in a press release in order to make it successful and boost your media coverage. Here are a few tips that can help you incorporate those elements in the next publication of your company.

Set a Clear Goal

There are various types of press releases and you need to use them smartly. The best way to do that is by setting a clear goal of each press release that you publish.

If you are an entrepreneur running an e-commerce website, the press release can be a form of promotion of your new products or vendors. Running an online store requires several investments. One of them is a good e-commerce platform like the intuitive CS-Cart that allows you to manage your website easily and efficiently. The other one is an efficient tool to attract new clients.

The press releases can be that tool. You can write short promotional texts that present your newest goods and/or services. Stick to that goal and do not be tempted to include other information. If you want to boast about the newest talent you have attracted to your company or the latest award you have received, do it in a different press release.

Keep It Short

The aim of the press release is to trigger the interest. It is necessary to include the most important information in the first paragraph but not to reveal too match. Thus, you can provoke the interest of journalists and customers alike and make them get back to you for more details.

It is good if your press release fits a standard page and is divided into short paragraphs. You can follow the advice given by Handmadewriting on How to write a definition essay as the essence of a press release is the same—to provide the nitty-gritty details about a word or concept or a product, in your case.

Celebrate an Event

If you want media attention, it is necessary to write a press release anytime you want to celebrate a certain event. It may be related to receiving an award or organizing an open doors day, for example. If your company is participating in an event that is important for the community, make sure to release a publication about that. Show your contribution in a well-pointed press release dedicated only to this piece of news.

Choose a Catchy Headline

You know that the heading is one of the most important assets of any news. The same goes for a press release. According to Forbes, the headline is the most important feature of a press release. It needs to be catchy, to present interesting and new information and to be relevant to the target audience.

You need a headline that is concise and informative at the same time. You can include some important facts or statistics so that you can grab the attention of the readers.

Go for the Right Press Release Format

You need a press release that catches the attention and provides the right information. To achieve that, you need the right format. There are several online templates that you can use but it is also necessary to know what kind of content to include.

One important rule to follow is to list contact details such as phone, e-mail, the name of the contact person at the very beginning of the press release. Thus, any journalist who is interested in covering further your announcement can get in touch with you and help you spread the news further.

Use Sources and Quotes

If you use information or statistics from another company, make sure to cite the sources. This adds value to your press release. Without the sources, it is not possible to verify your story and many media will refuse to cover it.

A quote is also a good way to make the press release unique and your brand more visible. Make sure that the quote sounds like insight and is not simply presenting information.

Translate the press release

Last but not least, you can translate your press release in order to reach a broader audience. This is extremely useful for businesses that deal with international markets. A good press release translation will definitely boost your media coverage. Choose carefully the language or languages for your translation so that they cover the majority of your international audience in case it is not possible to include all foreign languages of the markets that your business has positions.

Following the above tips will help you increase your media visibility. A good press release will help your business find better positions and attract the right type of attention and audience that will eventually lead to an increase in profit.

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