5 E-Commerce Strategies for 2018

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For anyone planning to grow their company’s revenue in 2018, having some sound e-commerce strategies in place is crucial.

When it comes to raising your revenue over the next 12 months, there is no potentially more successful way to do that than via e-commerce, which is why getting your SEO services & strategies spot on is vital.

To ensure that 2018 is a more prosperous year for your business, here are five e-commerce strategies that you should consider implementing.

1. Personalize

Visitors to your website require one-of-a-kind experiences, which is where personalization comes in.

Research has shown that 59 percent of online shoppers believe that it is easier to find what you are looking for in a personalized e-commerce store, with 56 percent of shoppers more likely to return to a site that recommends products just for them.

These statistics demonstrate just how crucial personalization in e-commerce is becoming.

2. Integrate Across Channels

One of the vital parts of successful e-commerce strategies in 2018 will be integrated across all channels.

By offering shoppers a range of channels on which they can purchase your products, you can greatly improve the experience had by the shopper and double the chance that they will visit your website again.

For example, CS-Cart allows you to embed your online store to Facebook and blogs as a widget. By selling right on Facebook you will attract more customers to your store.

3. Micro-Target Audiences

Regardless of the product type or service being offered, it will become more crucial than ever that in 2018, company niches are defined so that micro-target audiences can be penetrated with specialized offerings.

4. Utilize Email

Email is revolutionizing how companies sell to their customers. Email already drives more email that all social media networks combined, and in 2018 this will increase.

However, by allowing customers to make purchases via their email inbox, email is set to become an even more powerful e-commerce channel.

5. Voice Search

Due to the convenience, that voice search offers, more and more consumers are beginning to utilize it when it comes to buying online.

It has been predicted that by 2020, over 50 percent of online searching will be done via voice search, with that number set to rise after 2020, taking over the e-commerce world.

Are you going to implement one of these in 2018? Tell us, what effective strategies you are using in your e-commerce business.

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2 thoughts on “5 E-Commerce Strategies for 2018

  • December 20, 2017 at 17:47

    Wish list for 2018:

    1. Improved Smart-phone template (currently desktop conversion = 2,3%, while smartphone conversion is 0,8%, while 52% of total visitors are using smartphone)
    2. Personilized offers/suggestions (like http://www.nosto.com)
    3. Personilized emails with viewed, but not bought, products at most recent visit. This mail should automatically be send within 7 days after the visit.
    4. Single page check-out with automated address fill-in based on zip-code and number
    5. CRM integration including all email/FB/etc interactions with each single customer. (extended version of Re:Desk)
    6. Graphical representation of delivery options. (
    7. easy API or connection with Point Of Sale system or an tablet version usable for sales employee in the bricks-store (Omnichannel light-version)
    8. Google attribution integration

  • December 22, 2017 at 12:33

    Hello, Rein.

    Thank you for your check list. We’ll check if other CS-Cart users have also requested any of this.

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