5 Best eCommerce Development Agencies Working with CS-Cart

To create a perfect eCommerce website, you usually need two things—robust eCommerce software and a trusted developer. Sure, there are a lot of great ready-made shopping cart scripts out there and you can start a web store on them out of the box with no coding at all. And it will bring you money. CS-Cart is one of them.

But to perfect your eCommerce store and adapt it to your business processes ideally, you will have to customize the software. And here you’ll need an experienced developer familiar with the platform’s architecture.

In our top based on the CS-Cart marketplace developers rating, we’d like to introduce to you trusted web agencies that develop online shops on CS-Cart. All of them are highly experienced in working with our platform and comply with CS-Cart development standards.

1. Simtech Development

simtech development web agency

Simtech Development is perfect for startups and mid-sized companies. They develop custom functionality, add-ons, and themes for an existing CS-Cart store or they can build a turnkey project. The company offers audit services such as performance optimization, design and usability audit, and more. They created over 1,000 projects on CS-Cart.

A great advantage of Simtech Development is that the company offers cloud hosting for CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. The price starts from $69/month and includes CS-Cart installation, 24/7 server monitoring, daily backups, and more. Their team can also help you migrate your existing store from your current hosting to Amazon cloud hosting with no extra fees.

Interestingly, the Simtech Development office is located in the same building where the original CS-Cart team works. The location gives extra advantages to the company: they can quickly consult with CS-Cart developers and get the news from CS-Cart first.

According to customer reviews, Simtech Development has a great price-value ratio and outstanding customer service.

User rating: 4.88 out of 5

2. Cart-Power

cart-power ecommerce agency

Cart-Power is an e-commerce agency for small and medium-sized businesses. They created over 400 projects on CS-Cart and developed over 100 add-ons. The company has a number of cool cases including a charity website in Kuwait, a marketplace for Russian wine ordering, and an effective enhancement for one of the biggest marketplaces in Russia SDEK.MARKET.

Among the company cases, there are a large number of online stores worldwide that Cart-Power started from the very beginning, as well as reworked, performing different tweaks in features and design.

The company not only offers development services but also complex marketing, SEO-optimization, budget development, server administration, and mobile apps development. Their quality control is exceptional—a client gets the preview of the functionality only after it passes through the code review and a thorough testing procedure.

The Cart-Power team is very close to the original CS-Cart team. We are located in the same town and can quickly meet for consultation and advice.

In the reviews, customers praise Cart-Power for their personal approach, great pricing, and professionalism.

User rating: 4.96 out of 5

3. eCom Labs

ecom labs web development company

eCom Labs builds eCommerce projects of any sizes—from small private e-shops to large eCommerce malls with hundreds of sellers and hundreds of thousands of products. They completed over 350 projects on CS-Cart, developed over 100 add-ons and 2,170 modifications. They have 10,000 customers worldwide.

The company can develop any modification and design for your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor website and integrate it all. They integrate a store with 3rd-party services such as CRM, ERP, accounting, and others. You can also order a turnkey website—eCom Labs created over 20 of those.

These guys really love helping CS-Cart users. Even if they are not their clients. eCom Labs is known for their useful advices on the official CS-Cart forum where they help people for free. The company has posted more than 20,000 messages on the forum.

eCom Labs clients love the company’s customer care and technical support. They say it is exceptional and the company really cares about all CS-Cart users.

User rating: 4.99 out of 5

4. Webkul

webkul ecommerce development company

Webkul Software is suitable for business of any size. They develop eCommerce stores and marketplaces not only on CS-Cart but also on other platforms such as Magento and OpenCart. They developed over 100 add-ons for CS-Cart and have over 3,000 CS-Cart customers worldwide.

The company makes modifications and add-ons for CS-Cart and other eCommerce platforms, develops eCommerce projects from scratch, creates integrations with CRM, ERP, PIM, and other business applications, and offers other web services for various industries: booking, retail, payments, B2B, and others.

HTC, ASUS, Huawei, and Nokia are among their customers.

Customers love Webkul for their customer support and professionalism. They say the Webkul managers use a personal approach and always ready to help.

User rating: 4.95 out of 5

5. HungryWeb

hungryweb cs cart developer

HungryWeb is a web development company from Dublin that specializes in CS-Cart only. They developed over 35 add-ons for CS-Cart and got over 1,500 customers worldwide. This web agency is great for small and medium-sized companies that are building an eCommerce website from scratch or adapting the existing CS-Cart store to their business processes.

HungryWeb offers various development and support services: building an online store on CS-Cart from $320, making custom modifications from $50, and design integration from $500. You can also order your CS-Cart installation transfer from one server to another.

The company offers great bonuses such as free CS-Cart installation if you purchase the license from them and 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product or service. As Valentin Dragan, the head of HungryWeb, says: Our mission is to offer to website owners the most exceptional customer service on the web for the custom design and custom development of their websites.

Customers adore HungryWeb’s add-ons and they praise the company for its exceptional customer service. Some even say they once made an add-on for free!

User rating: 4.93 out of 5