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20 eCommerce Marketing Experts You Should Follow Now

E-commerce is a field filled with gurus and people who know what they’re doing. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find them in the digital clutter. This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 20 eCommerce marketing experts that you need to follow now!

1. Andrew Youderian. After a stint in the world of investment banking, Andrew Youderian started his first eCommerce business. Since then his sharp business acumen has helped generate over $7 million in sales thanks to starting and selling numerous eCommerce businesses.

2. Jay Baer. Jay Baer is a maverick in the world of digital marketing and customer experience. With 26 years of experience under his belt and six New York Times best-selling books, he’s the one you go to for advice in the digital space.

3. Ryan BeMiller. A marketer, a technologist, an entrepreneur. Ryan BeMiller wears many hats and looks good while doing so. His vast experience in eCommerce and marketing is to be reckoned with.

4. Kunle Campbell. Kunle Campbell is an expert eCommerce consultant and is responsible for driving growth and profitability for various eCommerce companies. He is a podcaster, speaker and principal at

5. Drew Sanocki. Drew Sanocki is a seasoned professional. He has a Bachelors from Harvard and holds an MBA degree from Stanford. His academic excellence is shadowed only by his professional achievements. He’s run multiple 6, 8 and 9 figure companies and drove some from bankruptcy to profitability.

6. Nicole Reyhle. Nicole Reyhle is an experienced and passionate retail professional. Her experience in the wholesale and retail industry has helped her establish and guide various small businesses and has gone to found her own company, Retail Minded to act as a valued source for these establishments.

7. Steve Chou. An electrical engineer on paper, Steve Chou has gone on to found a successful eCommerce store and has mastered the art of entrepreneurship and running a small business. He currently works for a startup in Silicon Valley.

8. Jason Del Rey. Since 2007, Jason Del Rey has been a Business journalist. He’s a senior correspondent at Recode and as reported on the rise of eCommerce, its effect on brick-and-mortar stores. He’s the producer of Code Of Commerce, wherein he interviews some of the most successful and noteworthy entrepreneurs.

9. Noah Kagan. Apart from knowing where to find the best tacos in the world, Noah Kagan has gone on to start 2 multi-million dollar businesses and an impressive 700,000+ email list. Know more about him by visiting

10. Tim Peter. Tim has been working in the eCommerce industry since 1995. His experience with online marketing, eCommerce strategy, and web analytics is noteworthy.

11. Vishal Mehta. Vishal Mehta, the founder of, has helped over 15,000 retailers without the technical know-how to build their eCommerce stores.

12. Kaleigh Moore. Kaleigh Moore is a freelance eCommerce and SaaS writer. Her portfolio includes many Fortune 500 companies and major SaaS companies too. She’s an expert in keyword ranking and online revenue generation.

13. Graham Charlton. Graham is the Editor-In-Chief at SaleCycle. He has been covering digital marketing and eCommerce for more than a decade and sharing his expertise with the world.

14. Markus Linder. Markus Linder is an expert in eCommerce and guided selling. He has been in this industry since 2005 and has been the CEO of Zoovu for over 13 years.

15. Austin Brawner. Austin Brawner is a well-known eCommerce and business marketing speaker. His expertise in email marketing is well sought out. He is also the host of Ecommerce Influence Podcast.

16. Armando Roggio. Armando Roggio is an eCommerce expert and an experienced journalist. He holds a degree in English writing and journalism.

17. Tim Cakir. Tim Cakir is an SEO, Growth Hacker and AdWords Campaign wiz. He is a growth consultant and helps deliver digital campaigns.

18. Tommaso Tamburnotti. Tommaso is an eCommerce B2C logistics expert. His company Easyship is being used by more than 15,000 companies every day.

19. William Harris. William Harris is the Founder and CEO of Elumynt. He is a growth marketer and helps eCommerce businesses realize their goals.

20. Linda Bustos. Linda Bustos is an expert eCommerce strategist. In her career of 10 years, she’s helped some of the world’s largest brands through her expert consulting. She is also an author.

These eCommerce experts have made a mark in their field with their knowledge and expertise and sharing their insights into the industry. Similarly, CS-Cart is a feature-packed eCommerce platform that has powered 35,000 online stores in over 172 countries since 2005!

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