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10 Years in E-commerce: Onwards and Upwards Together

The story of Simtech, our company, started on August 2, 2005, when we made our first sale.

During these 10 years, Simtech has evolved from a small start-up to a corporate group that develops CS-Cart and builds custom online stores for the clients throughout the world.

In 2015, we proudly look at the results we have achieved since 2005: over 35,000 stores work on CS-Cart in 170 countries.

To remember this year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary not as the CS-Cart team, but as fearless treasure hunters!

To get the treasure we had to go through trials and prove ourselves just as in the Fort Boyard game show!

We Tested Our Intelligence

Our guy and the Master of Sticks were picking one, two, or three sticks in turns up from the table. Who picks the last stick—loses.

We worked out the right scheme and won:

We Tested Our Resourcefulness

Filling three tubes with water using a cloth doesn’t seem a hard challenge. The problem was—filling tubes with water squeezed out of a cloth takes time. And we had time to fill only one tube.

Our guys did just fine: first they filled the biggest tube and then other small tubes from the big one:

We Tested Our Courage

The challenge was to get a coin from the bottom of a vessel filled with hissing cockroaches and worms.

Our girls did the job without batting an eyelash:

We Tested Our Stamina

Two bottles of water, two tough guys, and a rope.

Who touches the rope first—loses:

We Tested Our Strength

Winning at tug of war is a piece of cake if you work as one team. Especially when the strongest guys are in your team.

Tug of war was the final trial:

Finally, we got our reward—small bags with the precious treasure:

After the trials, everyone was exhausted and hungry. It was high time for a banquet:

The banquet was over, but the day wasn’t over yet.

Since we’re all sports fans, we spent the rest of the day playing volleyball and bumper ball. Pushing everyone around and rolling all around was a hell of a fun!

Meantime, the sun disappeared below the horizon, and it meant the end of our trip.

These “Fort Boyard” challenges didn’t seem too hard because that day, on August 2, 2015, we completed the hardest one—10 years on the e-commerce scene.

We’d like to thank our customers for their support and loyalty to CS-Cart. We greatly appreciate it!

Soon we’ll get the official pics from our photographer and share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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