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1-Year Licenses Discontinued


We have collected the sales statistics of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor licenses. Unfortunately, the 1-year licenses didn’t gain popularity with our customers in 2014 and 2015.

After much debate, we decided to stop selling new 1-year CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor licenses and concentrate on the lifetime licenses.

Do These Changes Affect the 1-Year License Owners?

No, the existing 1-year CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license owners will not be affected.

If you have a 1-year CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license, you continue using it as usual and prolong the subscription on the same terms as you did. In other words, nothing will be changed for you except the ability to buy an additional 1-year license—if you decide to open a new store, the only choice is to buy a lifetime license.

Do I Have Time to Buy a 1-Year License?

We’ll stop selling the 1-year licenses on August 10. You still have time to buy a 1-year CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor license if you want. Of course, if you buy a license now, you’ll get all the support and ability to prolong your license in the future.

A 1-year CS-Cart license offers more features for less money compared to a lifetime CS-Cart license:

With a 1-year CS-Cart license you save up to $495 compared to a lifetime CS-Cart license on the first year of subscription.

Although a 1-year Multi-Vendor license doesn’t include the Facebook app, the eBay Synchronization add-on, and Twigmo, you still save up to $860 compared to a lifetime Multi-Vendor license on the first year of subscription.

Note, that a 1-year license doesn’t include the subscription to Searchanise Pro. With a 1-year license you get the Searchanise add-on that works for stores with 25 products or less. If you have more than 25 products and want Searchanise features, you should buy their Pro or Enterprise subscription separately.

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments or in the CS-Cart Forum.

Thank you.

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