Block Manager

Most visitors prefer to just browse the store looking for something interesting. Your task is to draw their attention to the larger number of products you offer that may interest them and CS-Cart block manager will definitely help. Block manager allows you to add different information blocks to store pages – and the flexibility of its options means creating blocks that are likely to satisfy most demands.

The feature enables you to display the created blocks on various pages of your store –from product pages to checkout pages and even on all pages at once. What’s more, the location of any block can easily be changed using the drag-and-drop feature. CS-Cart provides a variety of block types, some of which are generated automatically (like Bestsellers).

Designed with flexibility in mind, block manager offers a multitude of appearance settings; blocks can be represented as sets of links, images or scroll bars. Moreover, most appearance types have their own specific settings allowing you to adjust the display of the list to suit your needs.

block manager

Figure 1. Information blocks

block management

Figure 2. Blocks in the CS-Cart admin panel