Whether you start a brick-and-mortar business or are thinking about its conversion to an online version, the first and foremost, you need a clear business plan. Don’t try to skip this step or to do it later on – it will certainly be too late, and could cost you much more than if you’d sit and write it beforehand. Business plan first, all other business activities later! In case of e-commerce project it’s even less evident but is nevertheless crucial. In fact, the success of your project largely depends upon the accuracy of your business plan, so it’s worth spending several days and even week on it, consulting everywhere in the Internet and among your contacts and social network.

Well, once your plan is done and you’ve got a distinct idea of the budget, time and especially your goals, it’s high time to start thinking over a working plan – how would you realize this plan, step by step. Do you need to hire somebody, what hi-tech solutions and equipment would be necessary, how to look for suitable solutions… the questions are endless, and it will take you much time to find answers at least on some of them. Building an online shop doesn’t require any premises, except a warehouse or storage place to keep your inventory. Instead you’ll need a well-designed and carefully worked out web site with reliable hosting and proved e-commerce system. As a matter of fact, this web site will substitute the physical shop with its sales personnel, cash desks, delivery and after-sales services. It should preserve all the benefits of real shopping and add the advantages of online buying – high speed, comfort, simplicity, wider choice of products, secure payment and e-document flow.

To assure all mentioned above and even more for your customers’ satisfaction, you’ll need to choose the best php shopping cart software available on the market. The one that corresponds to your web shop size and its future development, the one that is scalable and offers many additional features, either payable or free. Don’t hurry up to buy the first e-commerce solution that seems nice and easy to use. It’s quiet normal that you’re eager to start selling. But a bad choice of a shopping cart program can frustrate all your efforts; so, it’s worth measuring thrice and buying once. Surely, once you’ve bought the shopping cart solution you won’t change it every time you discover something you don’t like or that doesn’t work as you want it to. You’ll need to make a definite choice for at least several years, that’s why before buying it’s worth trying as many different solutions as you can get. Most companies offer a trial period or a free demo version with reduced functionality, so don’t pass by. Buy shopping cart software that suits you best in terms on functionality, features, technical service and extension possibilities.

One may say: Why not create a necessary program myself? Or just ask a friend who is an IT developer. It would certainly cost less that buying a ready-to-use solution. Well, it will cost less, you’re right. But I strongly doubt that you’ll get the same features and functionality as in professional e-commerce platforms. It’s quite natural to try to pay less and to get more, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Surely, you wouldn’t like to change the shopping cart software in the middle of the way, because it means stop selling and move all the information to another platform. You’ll certainly lose a lot of time and profit.

E-commerce site creation process

Well, once you’re through with shopping cart software, here goes some tuning. Needless to say, to start selling you’d have to load into the program some basic information on your products, prices and delivery conditions. Think about attraction – cute photos and product descriptions would draw prospects that could finally become your loyal customers. E-commerce site creation is not that difficult if you respect several simple rules: draw your customer, interest him, retain and turn him into your loyal client, nearly into a friend. In fact, everything is built around customers, as far as they are your final cause. Every single operation you perform in your online shop has the only goal – to reach customers and satisfy them. Surely, there also exist your personal fulfilment, but it’s your business in general that helps you to realize your potential, and selling is just a part of it.

Don’t forget about speed and easy navigation – both are crucial for your e-shop success. Modern customers are so impatient that even several seconds of waiting can make them nervous and finally lead them to leave you web site. Be sure you Internet connection and hosting server are quick as a flash. Cloud storage can also be of great use here. Self-explanatory site navigation, aka usability, is another key component for any online selling business. Best php shopping cart software always takes this into account, so that customers won’t need any special knowledge to use it from the very beginning. Just click and buy, as simple as that.

One page checkout simplifies buying process and can retain the most impatient clients. Take care of their security and buy an SSL certificate to protect all your online transactions, financial as well as informational. Be sure to provide the most frequent payment methods, such as credit cards, cheques, cash and Pay Pal. The methods you chose depend largely upon the country (or countries) you expect to sell to.

Frankly speaking, it’s much simpler to start filling up your shopping cart with products and selling than thinking over all possible traps and pitfall you could fall into. Don’t be afraid of coming into operation – once you’re in, you’ll gain experience and understand bit by bit how to manage the affairs. All I can wish you is good luck, and keep going!

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