Published: Oct 27, 2014 Last updated: Oct 27, 2014 Yan Kulakov

Online trading is a significant element of modern business, showing a constant growth and fantastic ever-growing results over the last several years. Currently, a customer can find and buy almost all available products online. Plenty of global companies have already created virtual analogs of brick-and-mortars in their hope for increased revenues. But not all vendors can allot enough funds to launch and maintain their standalone ecommerce projects, as total expenses sometimes can be even higher than in the traditional business. Merchants understand that only a strong cooperation can save their businesses from the collapse and allow them reach target goals. Very often a team of independent retailers decides to take advantage of a common ecommerce space called a multiple vendor marketplace.

A large virtual mall with many separate departments is a good idea to draw customers' attention. Imagine that you could unite plenty of retailers with different products beneath the same roof. Do you understand how large customer base you will get? The better could be only the opportunity to build a monopoly at one of the segments of online global marketplaces. You can say what a fantasy, but from now on, it is not anymore! CS-Cart is ready to provide you with Multi-Vendor Software - one of the best ecommerce builders, allowing to create a multi-channel marketplace with plenty of independent sellers.

Multiple Vendor Marketplaces

Multi-Vendor is standalone shopping cart software, specially designed for huge, multiple vendor marketplaces. This professional ecommerce builder provides merchants with an opportunity to manage their web stores settings through a separate admin panel. Each of the retailers is free to build the most sophisticated ecommerce strategy, using professional marketing and promotional tools. Built-in product filters will help prospective customers save time while searching for required products, and new vendor-specific shipping options allow selecting different shipping methods at checkout. By setting up different currency and language choices, vendors can hope on building strong and long term relations with the international audience.

The main benefit of this sophisticated shopping cart software is the opportunity to offer multiple products in a single storefront. Customers can order products from different vendors, but they will be organized in a single bundle at checkout.

Our open source online store solution allows taking full control by the web store owner or manager over vendors' activity. Using the root administrator function, you will be able to track changes in product catalogs and pre-moderate vendor's activity if required. Moreover, with the help of the root store administrator, merchants can be sure that they will get their money to the last cent in time, as funds are distributed among them in accordance with their history of orders.

If you think that it's high time to change the look and feel of your multiple vendor platform or provide your customers with third-party data feeds, we advise you to visit our theme catalog and integration section, where you can find all required solutions at an affordable price.

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