Instead of visiting offline retail stores, many people prefer surfing the Internet today in their search for desired items and buy almost everything online. That’s why more and more businesses go online in their search for prospective clients and the new markets. A shopping cart is software that is widely used to assist users in purchasing products or services though the Web. However, an e-commerce shopping cart program is a lot more than just a convenient tool for online shopping experience - it's a perfect solution for merchants, who are looking to create a fully functional web presence. As a rule, such a software type allows you to add products to a website, market and sell them, track customer payments and manage all the transactions with no hassles.

Choosing the right shopping cart system is one of the most important things for any online vendor. We are ready to release you from the related choice challenge and offer CS-Cart - one of the best e-commerce shopping cart solutions designed to make your website development and management fast and effective.

CS-Cart Basics

In essence, CS-Cart is an open-source shopping cart software solution that is built with the help of PHP/MySQL, Smarty and other advanced technologies to create e-stores of any size and type as well as provide excellent e-commerce functionality to existing websites.

Since a key element of your online business success is creating a pleasant shopping experience for visitors, it's important to simplify the process of purchasing your products as much as possible allowing them to order and make payments via popular payment systems. Our e-commerce shopping cart software is integrated with more than 50 payment gateways (including credit card processors) and supports all major shipping providers.

Most online vendors know that customers expect to see that all payments are done in a secure environment. CS-Cart shopping cart system will help you meet the latest security requirements as it comes with full HTTPS/SSL support. In such a way, you are able to protect all transactions conducted via your online store along with customers’ private data (name, address, phone number, etc.).