Seal My Fridge is an Australian B2B ecommerce company that manufactures and sells high-quality replacement fridge and freezer door seals. It’s a family business—Kerry Dunk manages the b2b eCommerce website and day to day running of the business and her partner Elliot Vaughan manufactures and installs the seals. They supply seals and accessories to hospitality, restaurants, game venues, night clubs, schools, and refrigeration companies. They also sell to individuals.

  • 12 500
    products and growing
  • 9 year
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  • 95% of orders
    are shipped within 48 hours
Seal My Fridge b2b ecommerce web site
Kerry & Elliot, Founders of Seal My Fridge
Kerry & Elliot
Founders of Seal My Fridge
Seals are one of the most vulnerable and functional components of a refrigerator—when seals wear out, a refrigerator can’t function properly. So, Kerry and Elliot started a B2B eCommerce store to expand their business to supply seals all over Australia. They now also supply cool room door handles, hinges, emergency bells, and door closers to the commercial sector.
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The cool thing about their seals is that they are 100% manufactured in Australia using the latest technology and machinery, high-quality materials and food-grade extrusion. And they are ready to be shipped right away—Seal My Fridge holds a large amount of stock for almost any kind of a refrigerator.

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Seal My Fridge divides customers to individuals and dealers. To shop as a dealer, a buyer needs to enter special dealer information at registration. After that, the buyer will see a b2b price list for dealers.

First, Seal My Fridge used a hosted eCommerce platform but then they switched to CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software. A funny fact is that they didn’t know that it was CS-Cart—all the development and maintenance was conducted by a web development agency. When the agency closed, Kerry started looking for another B2B eCommerce platform. They found CS-Cart (again :-)) and used it for building their store. And they understood that they were using CS-Cart from the beginning!

Seal My Fridge has been working for 9 years now and they continuously expand their product range and their customer base. Way to go!

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