Edding-Shop sells office equipment like pencils, spray-cans, and markers for professional usage. Their b2b clients are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises but they also have some large clients such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Edding-Shop b2b ecommerce company covers the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

  • 1999
    year of establishment
  • 1 000
    original Edding products
  • KLM Airlines
Edding-Shop b2b ecommerce storefront

Edding-Shop is an official distributor of the Edding markers in the Netherlands. Edding manufactures markers for professional use to draw and write on paper, ceramics, plastic, rubber, metal, and other materials. The original company was established in 1960. Edding-Shop started working in 1999.

Rein Suijker, the founder of Edding-Shop
Rein Suijker
the founder of Edding-Shop
“We differentiate ourselves by our wide line-up and guaranteed availabilities of large volumes. We are long-tail oriented.”

The company has been working since 1999. First, they only worked in the B2C segment but in 2002 they also created a B2B ecommerce website, which is now edding-shop.nl.

Edding-Shop products Edding-Shop b2b ecommerce company on the expo

“We were already active in retail and adopted the online channel for sales, service, and marketing. In 2002, we changed to an omnichannel business approach and expanded our B2C model by adopting B2B. In 2005, we started separate B2B and B2C webshops to facilitate our customers in the best possible way.”

— Rein Suijker

The company started its B2C store on CS-Cart. They checked Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, and several other off-the-shelf platforms. The important features for them were: 1. Central stock keeping for B2C and B2B business, 2. Bulk discount capabilities, 3. Single back-end system with capabilities for multiple storefronts. CS-Cart b2b ecommerce platform met almost all the requirements. When the time for B2B came, the platform choice was obvious.

“Since the beginning, we were using the CS-Cart ecommerce platform for our B2C business and to keep the ease of operation, limited education needs for employees, and one central stock keeping, we continued using the CS-Cart platform for both our B2C business and B2B business.”

— Rein says.

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