Euroworker is a B2B web store from Norway selling industrial communication equipment, headset for offices and call centers, radio communication and video conference gear. They only sell to public and private businesses. is one of the 6 online stores owned by the parent company Euroworker AS with the headquarters in Oslo.

  • 2 200
  • 13 year
    in business
  • 25 000
    corporate customers
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The company sells communication equipment for approximately 13 years. As Martin Haldorsen, the company founder says, they meet with customers face to face and discuss the offers on the phone. They use the website to efficiently demonstrate their product range to the customers and guide them through pages to show the solutions that could cover the customers’ needs. Martin says that the B2B eCommerce website also serves as a great tool for repeat orders and attracting new customers.

The b2b ecommerce company is very friendly to its customers and offers great purchasing conditions. For example, they ship orders very fast, guarantee the lowest prices, offer discounts to regular buyers, and arrange the product demonstrations.

“Our concept is ‘stock in the office’. Equipped with wireless headsets, order recipients can go to the warehouse and pick the order while the call is in progress. When the call is completed, the order is often packed and ready for delivery. Goods to be delivered to Oslo will be picked up by Box Delivery for immediate delivery, while goods to the rest of the country will be picked up by Posten the same day, and will be delivered directly to the customer's door—mostly the next business day. Euroworker aims to always be the best at price, without compromising the customer's ongoing need for aftersale service. If you find a product cheaper with a competitor, we will pay you the intermediate discount.”

— Martin Haldorsen

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They started the website on OpenCart ecommerce script first. It was okay but Martin didn’t like that there was a very small team behind that solution. Plus, when they developed more custom add-ons, it turned out to be troublesome to keep functioning and update the store over time. They started searching for a similar solution but with a larger and more reliable team, with more developers, themes, and add-ons to choose from. And they came across CS-Cart B2B ecommerce platform and successfully switched to it.

“We remove bottlenecks and optimize the flow of value-added communication. The result is increased profitability, delayed fatigue, better concentration, and increased well-being.”

— Martin says about their mission.

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