Published: Jul 1, 2019 Last updated: Aug 2, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and it is the second largest technological company. It was founded in 1994 as a marketplace of books. The Amazon marketplace is still the main business of the company although Amazon also focuses on cloud computing, digital streaming, and other technologies.

In this article, we’re going to tell what Amazon is from a technical point of view and how to make ecommerce website like amazon.

Well, technically, Amazon ecommerce store is an online marketplace where third-party sellers offer their physical and digital products and services on a common storefront and in their micro-stores. Multi seller marketplaces have gained much popularity in recent years: customers prefer marketplaces over traditional single seller e-shops because of a wider product range and lower prices. Online businessmen are also interested in a marketplace business model—many of them aim to create a website like Amazon to scale their existing business or to start an ecommerce business from scratch.

If you’re wondering how to start a company like Amazon, you’re moving in the right direction because according to statistics online marketplaces will be only growing in the upcoming years. So, it’s high time to catch this money train and build a website like amazon or any other type of a marketplace.

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What you should know before you create a website like Amazon

As we mentioned above, Amazon is a multi seller online store. So, before starting your own, you need to choose the right software platform for it—amazon open source marketplace solution. Note, that “open source” doesn’t mean that the software is free. A reliable, well-supported internet mall solution just can’t be free. “Open source” means that you will have access to the software’s code—you will be able to alter it, add new functions, modify the existing ones, and scale your multi vendor software as your business grows. So, open source code is important.

Another important thing to consider when you choose a program for your Amazon-like virtual mall is if the solution has marketing features out of the box:

  • Promotion system
  • Loyalty system
  • SEO tools
  • Newsletters
  • Abandoned carts management
  • Blog
  • Banners
  • Cross-selling and upselling tools
You will definitely need these functions right after you start, so make sure they are built-in. If they are not, you’ll have to integrate these features for extra money.

One more thing you should pay attention to when launching an Amazon-type website is if the software comes with a pre-built mobile application for iOS and Android. A mobile app is a must-have nowadays because people usually shop on the go from mobile devices. And only developing an application from scratch can cost you thousands of dollars.

How to start online business like Amazon on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace software

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is one of the most feature-rich and balanced ecommerce marketplace software on the market. It is a professional solution specially developed for building online malls of physical and digital products and services.

This software is paid but it has an open source code that is available for modification. That’s why Multi-Vendor is one of the most customizable solutions as well.

It is a self-hosted platform, which is really great because you have all the installation files on your server with full access to all the folders, files, and features.

If you’re still not sure whether to build a website like Amazon or quit this idea, just request a free personal CS-Cart Multi-Vendor demo and see how it is easy to use this online marketplace program. It is hosted on our servers—you don’t need to install anything for now. The demo works for 15 days so you will have plenty of time to play with it.

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