The history of the company's foundation is the story of a dreamer, a man who believed he deserved more. At the beginning of his career, Jack Ma was not able to get a job even in a fast food restaurant - out of 25 applicants for a job he was the only one they did not hire. But Jack did not give up - after a few years he was in Seattle as part of a team of interpreters, where he first learned about the Internet. A few years later the Aliexpress script was created.

Now the businessman is ranked 20th in the list of the richest people in the world, his company is currently estimated at 42.4 billion dollars, he managed to force eBay to close its representative office in China, and the current strategy of Alibaba Group is to switch to cloud technologies by 2020.

On Aliexpress, you can buy everything - even the products you didn’t know to exist yesterday. At the site, you can find the original smartphones, home appliances, clothing and utensils. There are also lights for toilet bowls, a whistle for weight loss, a hamster leash, mini-golf for a toilet and a helmet-pillow for traveling.

The marketplace implements two concepts:

  • it allows small and medium-sized Chinese businesses to enter the global market (B2B),
  • it satisfies the needs of buyers in goods of any sphere and of any price segment (B2C).
Generating demand by offering a wide selection is a strategy that AliExpress adheres to.

But what exactly lets Aliexpress and Aliexpress-like websites provide such a wide range of SKU? We would say it is the right software that works in a proper way.

When dreaming of your own Aliexpress-like marketplace the first thing to care about is the best technological solution for your idea - Aliexpress php clone script.

Features kit for Aliexpress-like websites

A lot of web companies offer to clone Aliexpress or create Aliexpress white label software. But not every software for a marketplace like Aliexpress provides must-have features like:

  • Powerful catalog management
  • Stock control and low stock notifications
  • Bulk product editing
  • Datafeeds
  • Various shipping methods
  • Cross-selling and upselling

How to clone Aliexpress with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor software

First of all, you should try the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo. It is available for 15 days and has all the features of the distributive.

After that when you get the idea of the powerful Aliexpress php clone script by CS-Cart it is time to download the distributive to test your business idea.

CS-Cart created Aliexpress white label script which has over 500 functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points, and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports and analytics, and more.

Multi-Vendor is standalone eCommerce software that allows you to clone Aliexpress. With the CS-Cart Aliexpress script, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront.

An admin as the head of a Multi-Vendor marketplace controls everything from the admin panel: vendors, orders, income, payouts, look and feel, and more. Being a Multi-Vendor marketplace admin is something like being the manager of the whole Aliexpress. Often, a single admin physically can’t manage the whole online marketplace. In this case, the main admin adds other admins and set privileges for them: some can manage orders, some—the virtual shopping mall look and feel, and some—communications.

Among the main Admin features are such as:

  • the advanced vendor payout system,
  • configurable vendor plans,
  • multiple levels of administrative access,
  • the flexible product approval system,
  • the advanced order management system,
  • detailed statistics and reports.
A Multi-Vendor marketplace can have an unlimited number of vendors. To become a vendor in a Multi-Vendor shopping mall, a candidate fills in the application form, gets the admin’s approval, and starts showcasing the products on a common storefront. Just like on Aliexpress, every market vendor has his own mini-store with the search, filters, categories, and the vendor’s personal online storefront. Vendors pay commissions from their sales and subscribe to vendor pricing plans with monthly fees.

As for the key Vendor features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Aliexpress script they are:

  • separate vendor panel,
  • separate mini store for every vendor,
  • 26 built-in translations,
  • real-time and manual shipping calculations,
  • comments and reviews,
  • vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics.
CS-Cart offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase. You don't risk anything when building an online marketplace with the Multi-Vendor Aliexpress php script.

But the refund is not a usual thing for CS-Cart. The customers stay with CS-Cart for years because they appreciate the good value for money, scalability and the opportunity to customize the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor open source code.

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how it works in this 5-minute video:

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