Airbnb was launched in 2008 as a start-up of two guys who initially wanted to rent out a couple of rooms in an apartment.

The Airbnb app seemed something unexplored. Travelers were intrigued by the opportunity to rent a room or apartment from local residents, and not a room in a hotel or a guest house. So you can better feel the country, the journey will be more interesting, - many thought.

The startup quickly became a corporation. According to Forbes magazine, the company's value is about $ 30 billion.

If the success of Brian Cesky and Joe Gebbia, the founders of Airbnb, inspires you we will tell you how to create a website like Airbnb with Airbnb software by CS-Cart.

Why everybody likes Airbnb

But first, let’s define why users prefer Airbnb to other apartment-booking websites. This will definitely help you.

1. Design.

In the Airbnb interface, the main details are thought out, the colors do not strain, there is a place to think about (lots of empty space), a user-friendly menu.

2. Real feedback.

Reviews on Airbnb leads the parade. The more of them and the more positive (from 1 to 5 stars), the better.

3. You can ask.

Feel free to write to homeowners before booking. You may ask about discounts, places to visit and any other details. The correspondence history is stored in the archive. This is another proof that you actually communicated with the owner. In case of controversial situations, you can refer to the correspondence when you contact the support.

4. Promo codes.

Airbnb also distributes promotional codes. They can be sent to your friends and, if they book a home, you get a discount on your own rent in the future.

5. Impressions and self-education.

Airbnb is an impression and experience in communicating with the locals that you will not get in any hotel or apartment.

How to build a site like Airbnb with Airbnb php script by CS-Cart

As the Airbnb experience shows, the site should be extremely functional and thoughtful.

If you look for Airbnb software we suggest you try an Airbnb web framework by CS-Cart - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. The CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform has over 500 functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points, and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports and analytics, and more.

It meets all the requirements an Airbnb php script must have to function perfectly:

  • geolocation
  • over 70 built-in payment methods
  • comments, reviews, and ratings
  • a mobile application
  • advanced order management system
  • open source code
  • several updates and releases a year
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has an open source code: it allows you to customize your Airbnb web framework and create new add-ons.

When buying the Multi-Vendor marketplace software, you get 3 months of free premium technical support.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Airbnb software has the richest documentation and video tutorials. You and your vendors will easily learn how to manage and configure your online booking website.

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