About Us

We're CS-Cart.
We make a scalable and secure marketplace platform for SMBs and enterprises. It's a complete solution for fast launch and continued growth of your marketplace. Start fast, scale vast is the main idea behind CS-Cart products.
How we started
The first CS-Cart customer is still with us.
Three programmers started CS-Cart back in 2005. They discovered that the market needed a solution that allowed a non-technical entrepreneur to launch an eCommerce website. With this in mind, they created an eCommerce platform that didn't require any programming to build an eCommerce website. On August 2, 2005, we made our first sale. That customer is still with us.

And all the way up to this moment, we keep clinging to our mission: to give entrepreneurs an easy-to-use marketplace platform for quick start and growth without a team of developers behind them.

Now we have customers in 170 countries. And our worldwide-diverse team helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.
What drives us
We're passionate about our product that helps businesses start marketplaces and grow at scale.
We believe that our customers' success is our success. We give businesses a ready platform to start an online marketplace in days and help them reach more audience, grow product range, take over new niches, penetrate new markets, and enter new regions.

Everyone of us understands their roles, knows how to communicate the idea to colleagues and cooperate efficiently within and outside of the team. Every team member knows how the product evolves and what it needs at the moment to address businesses' problems.

Everyone of us knows the short-term and long-term goals and clearly understands their contribution to the development of the product. For you, this means that you're getting a modern marketplace platform that stays up-to-date for lifetime.
Customer value

Everything that we do with the product is for the customers' success. We believe that customers who are satisfied with our product and services can build a truly successful business.
How we help to start marketplaces
Making the most feature-rich and scalable marketplace platform for cost-effective growth.
Instant MVP launch

Launch a marketplace MVP in days and test your idea without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and months on development.
Full control over the marketplace

CS-Cart is hosted on your side. You decide what functionality to use, what design to implement, and how to improve the operation.
Standalone concept

Multi-Vendor ships with the built-in admin panel, vendor panels, storefront, and 500 eCommerce features. Start right off without development.
Easy functionality extension

On the CS-Cart extension store, get over 2,000 ready add-ons and themes to extend your marketplace functionality and change the looks without coding.
Open code for max customizability

Develop custom features, design, and integrations. You can tailor the platform perfectly to your business processes and goals.
Extreme scalability

Multiple storefronts, multiple currencies, flexible taxes, and 26 built-in languages allow you to set a separate storefront for every country and region you are entering.
What drives us
We're passionate about our product that helps businesses start marketplaces and grow at scale.
We build products for startups and small to large enterprises. Among our customers, you can find a small niche marketplace launched by a couple to sell rare things online as well as huge Amazon-like marketplaces with millions of products and hundreds of thousands of sellers.
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