CS-Cart Labs

CS-Cart Labs offers the current development versions of CS-Cart installed on our servers for demonstration and alpha testing. It reflects the present-day state of the two CS-Cart products CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, featuring the latest improvements, add-ons and corrections in the software.

What Labs is For

The main purpose of CS-Cart Labs is to allow those CS-Cart users who are interested in reviewing all our new features to express their opinion as to how to improve these features and add-ons as well as inform us of any bugs/issues.

We are well aware of the fact that very often only the owner of a real online store can clearly state and describe how one or another ecommerce feature should function. That is why we encourage all CS-Cart users to actively participate in the CS-Cart Labs project.

Get Involved!

Are you excited?! We are!! CS-Cart Labs can be accessed only by CS-Cart license owners registered at CS-Cart forums. To access the Labs, you should use the username and password of your CS-Cart Forums account.

The URLs and credentials to access different CS-Cart products are as follows:


CS-Cart ProductURLsCredentials
CS-Cart Storefront:
Admin panel:
admin@example.com / admin
Multi-Vendor Storefront:
Admin panel:
Vendor panel:
admin@example.com / admin
vendor@example.com / vendor


Please note that the CS-Cart installations in the Labs, including the databases, are hourly restored from the project SVN, and you're going to lose all your changes at the beginning of every hour.

Do not hesitate to suggest any improvements: from changing a button text to suggesting a brand new business logic for a new add-on. We welcome any suggestions and promise to give them all a thorough consideration.

We believe that such teamwork will make CS-Cart more usable, well-thought-out and efficient for your store.

A separate thread on our forums was allocated for communication on CS-Cart Labs. Please use this forum section to discuss everything about CS-Cart Labs, including reporting of the bugs. Our specialists will also tell you about all the new features in CS-Cart Labs.

Let’s improve CS-Cart together!